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Empowering Students for a Brighter Future

Personalized Tutoring for Grades 6-12 to Achieve Academic Excellence

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What is VMotiv8?

We made a commitment to making quality education accessible. We don't just help students understand concepts; we inspire confidence, nurture a growth mindset, and help students reach their full potential. We're here to guide, motivate, and empower students every step of the way.

If you don't see a class available on our services page, contact us! We will find a qualified tutor to support you. 

Our Founders

Meet the visionaries behind VMotiv8, Vishwa Mudigonda and Krishna Chawla. With a shared passion for education and empowerment, they're on a mission to shape the academic success of the next generation.


Vishwa Mudigonda brings over a decade of teaching experience, a wealth of knowledge as a Staff Product Manager Subject Matter Expert in the corporate world, and a track record of founding three successful technology startups. A seasoned author and graduate of Georgia State University and Cornell, Vishwa's dedication to education shines through his diverse achievements.

Krishna Chawla, a dynamic force in education and business, holds the role of Director of Product Management in the corporate realm. Beyond her corporate success, Krishna is a savvy negotiator in real estate and the driving force behind a technology startup. As a graduate of GTC, Georgia Tech, and Stanford, she brings a deep understanding of academic excellence and innovation.

Together, Vishwa and Krishna are committed to helping the next generation of students reach their full potential. With their combined expertise, they're inspiring young minds to embrace the American dream, turning challenges into achievements, and paving the way for a future brimming with endless possibilities. VMotiv8 is more than a tutoring company; it's a transformative journey towards academic success and empowerment.

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